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Alien Tech Made Me Do It

it was the alien tech's fault, honestly

Alien Tech Made Me Do It...
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Okay, so this is a collaboration between kephisos and I coffeegirl18. We're both pretty new to modding so bear with us. This community is moderated by us as you can already tell but it's open to those who want to join. Feel free. :)

This comm is centered around the (majorly underused, in Keph's opinion) excuse "alien tech made me do it." Because, lets be honest, you could make anyone do anything with that excuse. Jack could grow an extra head. Owen could grow feelings. You never know. <3

All fanfic is welcomed, just make sure alien tech is one of the main focuses. Icons, wallpapers, anything you can imagine, also allowed, really. :P Please use this form for fanfic:

(including any spoilers)