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16 November 2007 @ 05:22 pm
Little grey boxes can cause big problems part3  
  Title: Little grey boxes can cause big problems part 3
Author: Haces222
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Summary: Pure smut with some red ribbon and a little Gwen bashing on the side

Parts one and two for those who want the background story are here


It was the day after what Jack now liked to call ‘the day that never happened’ even though he found it difficult to refute the evidence of the haemorrhaging of his credit card and the dozens of boxes piled up in the corner of his office. Last night Ianto and himself spent several productive hours going through a few of them, and the look on Ianto’s face more than made up for his death bed credit.

Looking out of his window Jack saw Gwen picking up the rubbish Ianto hadn’t got to the night before(after he was side-tracked by the boxes) she’d already had to compile a creeping apology for the PM as punishment and once she’d finished the cleaning he was going to send her to feed Myfanwy who was still pissed at everyone for forgetting her yesterday.

Owen had been given a well earned break for saving the day, and fortunately they were having a very quiet day, as Tosh had somewhat mysteriously called in sick. So with Ianto in the kitchen having raptures over the new coffee machine, it looked like everything was back to normal.

Hearing a cough, Jack turned briefly from the window to look at a very shabby looking Gwen, holding a black bin bag with a sour expression on her face, “I’ve cleaned the entire Hub at your request, can I go now?” Jack arched an eyebrow, “sir!”

“You can go, after you’ve fed Myfanwy.”


Gwen then stormed out to go get her fingers nipped at as she was well aware that the only person that was any good at feeding Myfanwy was Ianto, something that Jack knew.


An hour or so later, after Gwen had left all the while muttering violently about something or other, because Jack couldn’t quite dredge up the strength to care. Realising Ianto and himself were alone with all that merchandise to play with, Jack perked up and decided to go find his gorgeous companion.

Ambling into the kitchen, he leaned against the doorframe and watched Ianto as he slowly stroked the brush steel of the coffee machine. “You know, I should be really jealous of all the machine has been getting from you today.”

Ianto jumped, and looked round a blush slowly rising up his cheeks, “Oh I didn’t see you there, it’s just such a beautiful machine. Almost a work of art,” after grinning he continued, “was there something you wanted sir?”

Jack smiled and replied, “No thank you, Ianto, I just wanted to see you, that’s all.”

Ianto nodded and asked, “Has Gwen finished feeding Myfanwy?”

“Oh you know about that?”

Ianto laughed and said, “I heard her even back here, she didn’t sound happy.”

“No she didn’t,” Jack smirked, “and she left a few minutes ago.”

Ianto grinned and walked over towards the large red silk ribbon that had been wrapped around the coffee machine, picking it up and letting it slide through his fingers. He gazed down at it and then looked at Jack through his lowered lashes, and asked, “Have you ever felt silk against your skin?”

Jack’s eyes widened and without pausing he grabbed Ianto’s hand and dragged him towards their quarters, pausing only briefly to shut everything down for the night.

Once they were safely ensconced in their bedroom Ianto lowered the lights until the room was only illuminated by the light coming down the manhole and a single candle he lit on the dresser. Once the room was to his satisfaction Ianto turned to Jack and said, “strip.”

As Jack slowly disrobed, his partner gazed at the perfection of form that was bared for him, all the while running the red silk ribbon through his fingers. Once Jack was naked and standing before him Ianto stepped forward unfurling the ribbon to it’s full length he wrapped each end around his hands and pulled it tight.

Stepping close enough that the edge of his jacket brushes along the older man’s thigh, Ianto brings his hands up between them and slides the red silk across his nipples, watching him shudder at the sensation of the smooth silk brushing across his skin and his nipples becoming hard buds. Sliding his hands lower he rubbed the silk back and forth across his stomach, then lower so that it brushed through the tight curls at the base of his cock.

Moving slightly away he wrapped the end of the fabric around his partners erection and pulled it across the older man’s cock inciting an immediate response in the other man as Jack threw back his head and let out a deep groan. After which he pulled the strap of silk across the sensitized flesh over and over again until Jack was writhing and thrusting into the fabric, which was becoming increasingly wet with pre-come.

Unable to hold himself back any longer Ianto dropped the piece of fabric onto the floor, then followed it down until he was on his knees before his lover. And taking the erection before him into his hand he leaned forward and swallowed it to the root before sucking hard and pulling back to the tip.

Jack gazed down at the dark head before him bobbing to and thro, clutching at that dark hair he felt his orgasm growing in the pit of his stomach and spread outwards until with a shout he poured himself into the younger man’s mouth, who swallowed it greedily.

Leaning back on his haunches with a grunt of satisfaction Ianto gazed up and murmured, “You looked like you needed that,” After climbing to his feet and quickly stripping Ianto picked up the slice of material and holding it out to the other man said, “I wonder what else we can use this for?”

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